Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Bliss 50% Off!!

Well i was pretty bored and i got a Notecard about Bliss giving 50% off to their Members! Due to hitting 37,000 group members!! So therefore most of their Dresses and Casual wear are Half Price! Seeing as I'm a hardcore shopper i thought id take advantage of this! All you have to do to take advantage of this offer is Join Bliss's Group for FREE!!

Sooo....I was looking though and i thought what would my fans really appiciate? And i found this beautiful Dress avaliable in 4 Different Colors! Pale Green, Dark Green, Pink and Purple. I chose to purchase the Pale Green one and then i thought what shoes can i wear so i took a trip to Purple Moon and bought theese amazing shoes (Haru in Gold).

To add to my look i decided upon buying this goregous necklace and Nails also from Purple Moon to complete my outfit!

Want theese Items:
Dress: Pale Green Ashley Dress from Bliss
Braclets: Athena from Finesmith Designs
Shoes: Haru in Gold from Purple Moon
Necklace: Ayame Necklace in gold and dark moss from Purple Moon
Nails: Metallic Green Moss nails from Purple Moon
Earrings: Roses Vintage earrings in Green from Purple Moon
Hair: Maitreya taryn II in Caramel from Maitreya

Photos by Aunya Hotshot ~ Kiss This Photography