Thursday, 6 February 2014

New Beginnings...

Sooo... This is why I havent Blogged in so long, I was working my butt off on a Home Post and the first one at that. I was so lucky to meet the Owners of Creative Decay where I got this stunning house from, A huge Hallway, Living Area, Kitchen and Patio and not to mention 3 huge bedrooms and walk in wardrobes, Its the perfect family home. I just lack on the family front. So this is a new beginnig for me because well.... Someone come back into my life and I havent been happier, I been learning to smile again. Anyways so because it took me so long to Blog this house some of the Items were from last months Chapter 4 Event, Beautiful Items from Ionic especially including the adorable couch which im sure you can still fnd on the Gacha Markets. I have decided I do have a hardcore addiction to firstly gacha's and secondly home decor items. I have been following a magazine online called "Love To Decorate" which is so awesome for inspiration and new home stores. You can like them on Facebook here: Love To Decorate.
Have a beautiful Hump Day!

Want Theese Items:
Heritage House from Creative Decay
Picture 1
 Fall Dear Sofa Warmer from Lisp
Snuggle Blanket from Lisp
Lets Play Scrabble from Apple Fall
Jute Natural Rug from Apple Fall (Gacha Item Instore)
Woodstock from Apple Fall (Gacha Item Instore)
Black & White Christmas from Sari - Sari
Construct Shelving from Apple Fall
 Hydrangea Bunch from Apple Fall
Stumble Print from Floorplan
Mon Blanc Lantern Set from Atelier Visconti
Lemuria from Ionic (Jan Chapter 4 Item)
Picture 2
Sexy Wall Decor from Mud Honey
Dellinger Desk from Pilot
Picture 3
Animals are my friends couch from Ionic (Jan Chapter 4 Item)
Vanite Carpet from Atelier Visconti
Light Boxes from Hideki (Jan Chapter 4 Item)
Book Clutter from Floorplan
Vanite Bird Cage from Atelier Visconti