Wednesday, 15 January 2014

I Did It Alll........ (I Wanna Say)

"I did it all, I owned every second that this world could give, I saw so many places, the things that I did,Yeah with every broken bone, I swear I lived!" - One Republic - I lived. 
Alright so I'm back.... I hope. I was stuck in a place where I just sat and worried. So I am moving on from that and taking each day as it comes and trying my bestest to be the better side of me. I know I drove a few friends crazy for a while with my self doubting but all I can say is I'm working on it and I hope thats enough to keep people in my life. 
So thats enough of that..... Today I was having a day where I didnt actually buy a thing or wear anything new. I just wanted to be a little Bad Ass... Well this is bad ass for Sessie so I started with this top I got from SHI a few months ago which of course I instantly fell in love with as you do with anything you see at SHI. I added jewels from the amazing Finesmith.... Since my early days Inworld there has been no place better than Finesmith and after having the chance to work with Yula I can tell you she puts her heart and soul into every piece. To complete the look I am ending with the beautiful Tattoo made by Julie Hasting's of White Widow! Yes the photographer... Where do her talents end.
So Happy Humpday  :) Have a pretty week :*

I took this picture at friend's Sim which is open to everyone, so much fun things to explore: Isle of Mousai

Want Theese Items: 
Top: TSade from SHI
Jewels: Geula from Finesmith
Tattoo: Bharati from White Widow
Leggings: Couture Leggings from Maitreya
Hair: Calm from Magika
Make Up: Lips 083 from CStar
Piercing: Cyberbites from Puncture
Nails: Donna Flora Set from Nail It (Slink)
Skin: Elle from Blush Skins
Pose: Driftwood from Del May